This Week’s Toys – Action Toys

toyologyEvery Tuesday at 6.45pm in The Club with Luke, we speak to our toy expert, Toyologist Pete! So make sure you tune in to find out about the coolest toys around right now.

This week our toy expert is looking at Action Toys! Click play below to listen and find out:

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And check out our list of favourite Action Toys below!


thundercatsThundercats Range

The new series of Thundercats is back on the box and there are loads of figures and playsets apearing on the shelves over the next few months.

From four inch figures of the characters ioncluding Lion-O, Tygra and Mumm-Ra there’ll be bigger six inch ones with 18 points of movement, classic collectors kit plus a load of playsets that come to life when your character is placed on one.

With names like Thundertank and Thunderracer we’re certain these are going to be big news this Xmas.

Price: £8

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smokeySmokey the Fire Engine

This new freewheeling friend from the Big Rig Buddies range has two modes. In truck mode push him around on his wheels, activate the lights and sounds and put out the fire with his ball firing water cannon.

Stand him up an there are over 90 phrases, sounds and silly jokes he’d like to share,leave him alone and he’ll fall asleep then snore. Sing-a-long with a Fire Engine, who would have thought it?

Price: £63.42

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wwwerumblerigWWE Rumble Rig

Roll in your WWE rummbling Big Rig and transform it into a mega WWE Stadium.

Loads of stuff inside here: action figure, steps, screen, chair, ladder and trash cans to create chaos.

There’s a figure launcher too so you can send your WWE stars flying into the ring.

Price: £24.99

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imaginexttrexImaginext Talking T-Rex

This Mega T-Rex is a ferocious looking beast, oads of sound FX and motorised action for some mega prehistroic play action.

Extendable arms with large mechanical claws and armour plus projectile launchers too. Watch out for his neck swinging, jaw opening action too.

Price: £43.65

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bighandB.I.G Power Hand

Give yourself a BIG hand!

This slip’s over your’s and lets you give bigger high-fives, muck about moving the fingers, ultra realistic robotic hand style movement.

Price: £29.99

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