This Week’s Toys – Dinosaurs

toyologyEvery Tuesday at 6.45pm in The Club with Luke, we speak to our toy expert, Toyologist Pete! So make sure you tune in to find out about the coolest toys around right now.

This week our toy expert is looking at dinosaurs! Click play below to listen and find out:


And check out our list of dinosaur toys below!


dinoplaysetDinosaur Playset

Seven large, six smaller and one flying dinosaur all combine in this set for a great way to hold your own prehistoric show.

There’s also a Caveman with his wife and child, so you can re-create pre-ice age times in your front room in total safety and wonder how these cavemen managed to survive with these ferocious beasts everywhere about them.

Price: £8.99 from

cocolatedinosetChocolate Dinosaur Set

Play a game of fun air hockey with some of the cast from Disney’s Club Penguin. This air hockey table has real air flow so the puck glides smoothly as you furiously try and keep it out of your net and score at the other end.

Room in the stands for extra characters, a scoreboard to keep track of the game and a referee figure – Complete with a high value coin code which, when entered on Club Penguin, lets you unlock items online.

Price: £21.49 from

dinosaur-hopper-2Dinosaur Hopper – Bouncyosaurus

Since cars and public transport didn’t exist way back then, this was the only way Neanderthals could get to the shops.

Bounce around on your own Bouncyosaurus with the inflatable club in hand chasing imaginary dino’s across the garden.

Price: £14.95 from


This is one amazing plaything. The Roboraptor is packed with technology and, despite his ferocious looks, can be quite easily tamed. He walks, runs, turns his head, neck, whips his tail.

Set him into one of three moods and watch his behaviours change. Sensors inside allow him to sense and avoid obstacles and he can be left to roam around or remote controlled by you.

Price: £79.99 from

dinobiteDino Bite

Can you dodge a vicious Dino Bite?  In this exciting  game-players compete to remove the egg from Dino’s nest- but any time Dino could strike!

This brilliant action game contains a random electronic timer and realistic, scary sounds.

Price: £14.99 from



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