This Week’s Toys – Ghoulish Gadgets

toyologyEvery Tuesday at 6.45pm in The Club with Luke, we speak to our toy expert, Toyologist Pete! So make sure you tune in to find out about the coolest toys around right now.

This week our toy expert is looking at Ghoulish Gadgets! Click play below to listen and find out:

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And check out our list of favourite Ghoulish Gadgets below!


skellybonesSkelly Bones – £18.99 from

Based on the family favourite, nail biting, block stacking game this pile of bones adds a couple of twists on the traditional version of stacking them high.

All the pieces are bone shaped and, there is a big skull balanced on the top – Which must stay in place whilst you use one hand only to remove and replace one piece at a time.

howtospeakzombieHow to Speak Zombie – £9.99 from

Languages are tough but Zombie is very difficult to learn, there just aren’t that many teachers who know it!

Prepare yourself for the arrival of them or just make your costume more realistic and learn a few phrases.

Pictures, short stories and a push button sound machine so you can hear how each word should be spoken.

horrorsoundmachineHorror Sound Machine – £9.99 from

The new Horror Edition Sound Machine features spooky ghosts, eerie atmospheric sounds, cackling witches, the howling wind sounds and plenty more!

squeezetoscreamSqueeze to Scream – Stretch Screamers – £19.99 from

Select your characters from mummy, ghoul or Frankenstein and marvel at their cartoon- style spookiness.

When you stretch them by their legs and arms they let out a yelp for help.

As well as this blood –curdling call each one’s head, with a bit of pressure applied, pop’s out a brain, eye or entire face – Yuck.

grossmagicGross Magic – £19.99 from

If you want magic with a bit of attitude, magic that’s not only cool, but a little gross too, then you need the Gross Magic set.

A truly revolting magic set that’s perfect for kids who like to shock!

The inside of the box includes goo, eyeballs and live cockroach eggs – where else could you find this inside one box?



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