This Week’s Toys: Singing and Dancing

toyologyEvery Tuesday at 6.45pm in The Club with Luke, we speak to our toy expert, Toyologist Pete! So make sure you tune in to find out about the coolest toys around right now.

This week our toy expert is looking at the best toys at singing and dancing! Click play below to listen and find out:

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And check out our list of favourite singing and dancing toys below!


dancestarmickeyDance Star Mickey

Incredibly huggable, this spectacularly entertaining mouse walks, talks, plays interactive games and even dances in a realistic fashion. Just press Mickey’s foot to trigger his hilarious routine.

He’ll sing you a range of songs, including Latin and Techno and all in that high pitched helium voice. Better still he’ll always encourage you to join in – β€˜Oh yeah, lemme hear ya!’

Price: Β£54.99

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letsrockLets Rock Elmo

All dressed up and ready to rock in his concert style tee-shirt Elmo comes with his own microphone and a pair of instruments too.

Choose which one Elmo is going to play and he can recognise which one you’ve given him.

Loaded up with six rockin’ songs you’re going to have fun on the microphone, tambourine or drums together with the cutest monster in town.

Price: Β£59.99

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keeponMy KeepOn

Developed by Japanese scientists the KeepOn has become a sensation on YouTube racking up well in excess of three million views.

This squishy yellow and impossibly cute robot dances and bops in time to the music (or any other noise) and is pretty good at keeping with the beat.

In it’s β€œtouch mode” My Keepon responds to your touch with movement and sound, it loves to be patted, tickled and entertained – you can even make it sneeze – just scratch its nose!

The more you play the better you get to know its mood, amazing stuff…

Price: Β£39.99

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fijitFijit Friends – Logan, Willa, Serafina and Sage

They may only be little robots but Fijit Friends can dance almost as well as you can! Play different songs for them and check out their moves.

Is there anything else they like more than rocking out? Yes, telling funny jokes to you and your friends.

Fijit friends recognise and react to your voice and have the most adorable personalities. Four in the range, choose you colour!

Price: Β£54.99

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Choose your not-so-wild animal from a hamster, bear, meerkat or parrot and the press the appropriate place before you sing or talk at your new pet.

They’ll instantly respond with exactly what you just said but in a very high or low pitched sound, you’ll never know which – Very funny.

Price: Β£19.99

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