This Week’s Toys: Superheroes

toyologyEvery Tuesday at 6.45pm in The Club with Luke, we speak to our toy expert, Toyologist Pete! So make sure you tune in to find out about the coolest toys around right now.

This week we’re looking at cool apps!

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Check out our list of toys below!

personalisedsuperheroPersonalised Superhero

Take a snap of yourself from the front and side-on, send it away, then in a few weeks you’ll have your very own superhero head to place on top of your chosen character.

Choose from Superman, Batman, Thor, Batgirl or Iron man – Brilliant.

Price: Β£79.99 from



hulkhelicarrierbreakoutHulk Helicarrier Breakout

This is a fab LEGO set to roleplay some of your favourite moments from the Marvel movie.

Our particular favourite is the not-so-mini HULK minifigure!

Also includes vehicle, Thor and Loki characters.

Price: Β£49.99 from



captainamericacostumeCaptain America Superhero Costume

It’ll not say give you any super powers apart from the one that makes other people look and β€œwow”.

Price: Β£21.99 from



ironmantripowerIron Man TriPower Repulsor

This Avengers Iron Man TriPower Repulsor features an electronic light up repulsor and movie sound effects, tie it to your arm and lift your wrist to fire missiles over 20 feet.

Price: Β£12.49 at



hulksmashfistsHULK Smash Fists

Transform your hands with these brilliant foam replicas of the big green mans hands.

They could even be used as gloves when cold outside!

Price: Β£25 from