This Week’s Toys – Yuck, Mess and Madness!

toyologyEvery Tuesday at 6.45pm in The Club with Luke, we speak to our toy expert, Toyologist Pete! So make sure you tune in to find out about the coolest toys around right now.

This week we’re looking at messy, yucky and downright mad toys!

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Check out our list of toys below!


Slimy-200x142The name is perfect, this revival of an eighties favourite will be loved by kids across the land for one reason if none other – That parents think it is messy! And they will remember how their mums and dads disliked it.

Truth is that Slimy feels and looks very messy but isn’t so bad, this colourful and slippery/squelchy stuff feels a bit yucky (or delightful, depending on what age you are) and can be played with in all kinds of ways.

As well as Slimy original there is super-stretchy Mega Elastic set, which has incredible flexibility, and the Volcano sets which include a free dinosaur (there are 12 different ones to collect) and the dinosaur tooth set filled with red and black slimy and finally the horror gue which contains plastic spiders.

PRICE: from Β£3.50 at



slimyslugsSlimy Slugs

Mould slimy slugs, make your own messy mucus and check out why slugs are slimy and other slimy facts.

Inside this rather disgusting kit is two pots of ready-made slime, a slug mould, six wiggly eyes and lots of horrible information.

PRICE: Β£8.99 from



playdohbreakfastPlay Doh – Pizzeria and Flip n Serve breakfast

Create almost yummy looking pizzas with one, create and mould the crusts and grate over Play Doh for the ultimate effect and then, squich is all up and end up with a not quite so edible looking mess.

Or try the breakfast making kit and create scrumptious looking eggs, pancakes and much more out of Play-Doh. Use the waffle griddle to press out a picture-perfect waffle, and have a banana or a croissant to go with your French toast.

Pizzeria – Β£14.49 from
Breakfast Making Kit – Β£18.98 from



Flair creepy crawler bug maker

flairBCK8-11Create your very own bugs with this monster moulding machine complete with all the ingredients any mad scientist might need.

Hatch all types of creepy crawlers from the three bug mould and packets of goo and 20 lots of bug eggs, a syringe, tweezers & scalpel.

After you’ve created your crawlers you can stamp on them and watch the goo ooze out….Or get the bug smashing machine!

PRICE: Β£24.69 from



Richard Hammonds Blast Lab messy mess

richardhammondsRichard Hammond’s Blast Lab Messy Mess kit gives you the chance to try out your own fantastic messy, gloopy and yukky experiments at home!

Along with this kit and a few household items you will be able to create all kinds of fun experiments that include making egg yolk paint, mouldy soup, stink bombs, make glue from milk and potato prints.

PRICE: Β£9.99 from