Comedy Club 4 Kids

Pegasus Theatre Magdalen Road, Oxford

It's a comedy club, right, but for kids. Also any adults who enjoy a swear-free hour with the international circuit's best stand-ups and sketch acts. Non-patronising. Pure awesome. Since 2005, the Comedy Club 4 Kids has been getting the best stand-ups and sketch acts from the international circuit to do their thing for an audience of children more »


Ensonglopedia of the Human

Pegasus Theatre Magdalen Road, Oxford

Award-winning science-singer-songwriter John Hinton is coming to Pegasus to answer the question: what does it mean to be human? John has not one answer, but twenty-six: one for each letter of the alphabet, and he’s turned them all into comedy song. In an era when we’ve had a lot of time to ponder who we are, where more »