Cake By The Ocean (DNCE): Fun Kids’ Covers Combo!

Covers by the ocean!

Every week day from 7pm Josh hosts the Pop 7 at 7!

It’s an awesome place to hear all the latest pop tunes as chosen by you.

There’s a brand new feature on the show!

It’s called the Fun Kids’ YouTubers Cover Combo and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like.

In the second vid in this brand new series Josh went off in search of covers of the amazing DNCE song Cake By The Ocean!

He picked his favourite and then made a mash up which you can hear on the show or check out in the video above!

You can check out the original videos in full here:

Tanner Patrick & Rajiv Dhall
Julia Nunes
The Tide
DSharp & 80Fitz
Austin Awake
Emily Jane
Two Worlds
Landon Austin & Bryce Merritt
Indy Dang ft. Jeffrey Bui
Sam Clark
The Heist

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