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intofilmWe’ve teamed up with the film and education programme, in-school club for kids, Into Film (formerly FILMCLUB!) who will be helping us bring you the very latest film news, interviews and reviews every week.

Submitted by Into Film‘s film experts and young members, we will be giving you a view of films shaped exclusively for kids!

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New in cinema

The Fault in Our Stars (12A)


Hazel and Gus are two remarkable teenagers who fall in love under extraordinary circumstances. Although they meet at a cancer support group the couple are far from self-pitying. Through charm, determination and boundless self -confidence Gus works hard to win over intelligent Hazel, bringing her out of her shell and persuading her to enjoy as many experiences as possible.

The film has some schmaltzy moments but is held together with an assured performance from Shailene Woodley and like the best selling-novel it is based on, offers interesting views on how we talk about illness and death.

Check out Into Film reporter Lily chatting with some of the stars of the film here:

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Once Upon A Forest (U)


Guided by the renowned French botanist Francis Hallé, we journey through the fascinating ecosystems of the rainforests of the Amazon and Congo. As a voiceover enthusiastically narrates the ecology and life cycles of these tropical jungles, mesmerising visual effects illustrate how their plant life forms and grows.

By completely immersing its audience in the processes and survival of the rainforests it vigorously brings this natural universe to life on screen while offering effective environmental warnings of the impact of deforestation and climate change.

Belle (12A)


Dido is the illegitimate mixed-race daughter of a Royal Navy admiral in the 18th Century, who is brought as a child to be raised in the aristocratic home of her great-uncle and his wife. Her lineage leaves her an outsider – too high in rank to eat with the servants but too low to eat with the family, and left on the sidelines as her cousin Elizabeth seeks suitors for marriage.

When she meets an idealistic young vicar’s son who is caught up in a legal battle over a sunken slave ship, she is drawn to his passion for changing society, and questions her own place within it even more. Jane Austen-style romance and politics blend in this absorbing costume drama.

Check out Into Film reporter Dylan meeting with the film crew at Kenwood House here:

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T.S. Spivet (12A)


T.S. Spivet is a ten-year-old cartographer and inventor who lives on a remote ranch in Montana with his cowboy father and scientist mother. After he comes up with a perpetual motion machine, he receives a call inviting him to Washington to receive a prestigious award from the Smithsonian Institute – who have no idea that he’s still only a child.

Leaving a note for his parents, he boards a freight train and starts a cross-country adventure. The richly coloured film has been adapted from Reif Larsen’s novel with quirky charm and an undertow of melancholy by director Jean-Pierre Jeunet.

Check out Into Film reporter Eronita quizzing Helena Bonham Carter about the film here:

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New on DVD

Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (U)


Beautifully drawn, funny and packed with great characters and good songs, Disney’s version of the fairytale is one of the finest animated movies ever made. Many of the things we associate with the story of the lovely princess on the run from her vain and jealous stepmother and finding refugee with hardworking little folk – including the dwarves’ names (Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful) and the song Heigh Ho – come from this film.

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