George’s Guinness World Record Attempt: The Most Hamburgers Assembled in One Minute!

Can George finally join the world record holder club like his fellow presenters?

George has been getting teased for a long time for not having a Guinness World Record by the other Fun Kids Presenters.

They all have one and he doesn’t.

Well now he has his chance to join the Word Record Club!

What’s the World Record?

George is trying to get the world record for “The Most Hamburgers Assembled in One Minute”

It’s a brand new world record which means that none hold the title at the moment, but that doesn’t mean George can just do one and say he’s got a world record.

Guinness have told him he needs at least 8 to be given the record.

That means he needs to make a hamburger every 7.5 seconds to get the record!

Who is watching the World Record Attempt?

Guinness World Records are quite strict on checking that you actually have the world record, you can’t just tell them you did it!

You need to have people there to check that the record is being done properly.

Prav Patel – Guinness World Records adjudicator

Prav is from Guinness World Records and he’s here to time the challenge and decide if George gets the record or not.

Suzie Lee – Home Cooking Expert 

Suzie is an award winning home cook and TV chef, she’s here to be a second pair of eyes and check if George actually completes the record or not.

Graham Holland – Chef 

Graham is a big time chef. His job is to check that George’s kitchen is clean and that he cooks all the burgers in a safe way so no body gets ill eating them!

Which Fun Kids Presenters already have World Records?

Sean – Breakfast Show

He’s got loads of them, but he most recently broke the record for “The tallest staircase built in Minecraft in one minute”. See him break the record here.

Bex – After School

Bex broke the record for “The most number of Young Adult Authors identified by book title in one minute”. See her get the World Record here.

Dan – Afternoons

Dan managed to break the world record for “The most Taylor Swift songs identified by the first lyric”. See his attempt here.

Conor – Pop 7 at 7

Conor beat the world record for “The most Football Clubs identified by Club Badge in 1 minute”. Watch him smash it here.

Suzie Lee is a TV Chef!

She has a show on the BBC where she cooks all sorts of amazing things that are delicious to eat!

The show’s called “Suzie Lee: Home Cook Hero”

George spoke to here all about it while he was getting ready for his world record attempt…

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