Taylor Swift opens a new music school in Nashville, USA – The Taylor Swift Education Centre!

Taylor Swift 2

Fun Kids favourite Taylor Swift is pretty famous for her non-musical hobbies.

She’s been spotted paddle boarding with Ed Sheeran, she’s been trampolining with Ed Sheeran and she’s also been building a music school (without Ed Sheeran).

We’re not sure how Taylor had time to learn bricklaying with her huge ‘Red’ tour being all round the country, but she must have had a few days off a week because the school’s already finished!

The new music school in Nashville, Tennessee, USA was opened by Taylor a few days ago and ingeniously called The Taylor Swift Education Centre.

Taylor Swift

As well as there being a range of different music teachers, Taylor may even teach some lessons at the school herself, she said – “We’ve been talking about different programmes I can be involved in. I hate to call it a lecture because that sounds like I’m yelling at people, but we could do a Q&A talking to students here and a songwriters discussion would be really fun to have at some point.”

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