The Toy Story 4 trailer is here!

Join the gang on their best adventure yet...

Pixar have just released the first official trailer to the latest Toy Story movie.

The film will take place exactly where the last one left off, and we’ll get to see how the toys are adjusting to life with their new owner, Bonnie, after Andy left to go to college.

Our beloved favourites Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz (Tim Allen) and friends will be returning to the big screen along with some new faces!

We’ll even get to meet a lot of new characters like Forky (Tony Hale, Alvin and The Chipmunks), Bonnie’s new favourite toy that she made all on her own!

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But that’t not all… some old faces are coming back too! Bo Peep, (Annie Potts, Ghostbusters), will be returning as a main character after not being in Toy Story 3 – and she’s even got a new look!

You can see Toy Story 4 in cinemas in June 2019!

But if you can’t wait until then you can test your knowledge of the first 3 films by playing the ultimate Toy Story quiz!

Click here to take the Toy Story quiz!

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