Weatherman loses battle with giant dog on live TV

Cloudy with a chance of rampaging dogs! Out-of-control mastiff causes havoc for weatherman

Mike Sobel, a weatherman in Edmonton, Canada, was game for a laugh

He attempted to give a full weather report with a dog who wanted to play

The dog, Ripple, was on the news show to promote animal adoption

But he chewed through his dog leash live on air, causing the studio to laugh

This is the moment a weatherman was left with a sore arm after wrestling with a playful dog live on air during his morning broadcast.

Mike Sobel, a weatherman in Edmonton, Canada, was game for a laugh when he decided to do his broadcast with Ripple the dog who made the phrase ‘never work with kids or animals’ ring true.

It starts off tamely enough, as Ripple, an 18-month-old mastiff mix appears alongside him on Global Edmonton. But it soon descends into chaos.

The dog was making the appearance on the TV news show to promote animal adoption, but instead ended up highlighting why so many people love their playful pets.

Sobel said: ‘This is going to be a challenge.’

He then calmly introduces Ripple to viewers and says the dog is just a year-and-a-half old and wants to play.

‘Sit ripple, sit, Ripple! Sit, sit, no, Ripple’s not sitting that’s for sure,’ he said.

He then valiantly tells viewers that the temperature is currently three degrees, as the dog tugs at his leash, appearing to want to bite through it.

Sobel said jokingly: ‘Ripple wants to play, right Ripple?’

He then wraps the dog leash around his hand and tells viewers about cold spots in Barrhead, as he clutches the bright red leash in his left hand.

For a few seconds, he tries, in vain, to get through the rest of his report, and at one point, he looks down a Ripple and asks him ‘are you having fun there?’

Suddenly Ripple decides that this is his chance to wriggle free of the weatherman. He begins frantically twisting and turning, forcing Sobel to turn as well.

Viewers watch as the dog yanks Sobel so hard that the weatherman is forced to laugh loudly as he tries to give the weather forecast alongside the dog.

But the Canadian broadcaster is such a professional that he never once stopped giving his report.

He shouts: ‘No’ in between fits of giggles to Ripple the dog.

However, Ripple, still baring his teeth, and trying to chew through his leash isn’t having any of it.

Finally, the weatherman says ‘alright, alright, alright’ as he tries to calm Ripple down.

He then talks to someone off camera saying: ‘Okay, you’re going to be able to hold him better?’

Sobel then goes back to his weather forecast to talk about calm conditions at Grand Prairie, despite there being rather turbulent conditions in the studio.

As he gets to the 7 day forecast he jokes: ‘Okay we’ve got to move quickly through this!’ as the dog continues to struggle to break free.

Suddenly, Sobel realizes that the dog has actually managed to chew right through his leash, leaving the weatherman with just the end of it wrapped around his hands.

He looks down in shock and then admits defeat as the entire studio crew bursts into laughter.

‘He broke it,’ he laughs, ‘alright you’re on your own’ he tells the dog shooing him away.

‘Here, do you want to play with this?’ he adds holding up the leash to the dog.

Ripple decides this is the perfect opportunity to jump up and push Sobel several times as the weatherman, simultaneously tries to do the weather report and wrestle, unsuccessfully, with the dog.

The broadcast ends with the dog jumping up on him and pushing him backwards.

Both the weatherman and dog are thought to be fine.