Watch Hailee Steinfeld’s Most Girls official music video!

Hailee's showing how all girls are amazing so just be yourself!

Hailee Steinfeld has just released the official music video for her latest single Most Girls!

Hailee is a 20-year-old singer and actor from the US, who has starred in loads of films and TV shows and is about to bring out her debut album.

We’ve been playing this song loads on Fun Kids recently – and the video makes us love it even more!

It¬†begins with a guy telling Hailee she’s “not like most girls”.

It’s meant to be a compliment but Hailee shows him that it’s a good thing to be like ‘most girls’ because girls are “strong and smart and beautiful”.

You can have whatever hobbies and interests you like, be anyone you want to be – there’s no right way that you should live your life.

In the clip, Hailee’s a boxer, artist, someone who likes¬†reading… but she’s still just as much of a girl.

The message is that everyone is unique but just as important as each other!¬†It’s the same for boys too.

The song is saying that it’s fine to see other people¬†and be inspired by them but remember that you’ve got something that’s amazing about you.

Speaking about the song, Hailee said:

“Some girls are this, some girls are that… all women have something to offer and have a story and have a goal in life or someone they find inspirational or something.”

We definitely agree with that!

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