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Border Collie puppies streaming live
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Special thanks to Contact Point Agility, Herding & Border Collies

Q: What breed are these puppies?
A: These are Border Collies. Border Collies are a herding dog breed known for being energetic, intelligent and acrobatics. They are successful at dog agility and sports.

Q: How old are the puppies?
A: Puppies were born 08/29/2014

Q: What are their genders?
A: 3 Females and 5 Males
Pup 1 black tri male “Ember”
Pup 2 black tri female “Willow”
Pup 3 black tri male “Rusty”
Pup 4 black tri female “Hazel”
Pup 5 blue merle female “Ivy”
Pup 6 blue merle male “Juniper”
Pup 7 blue merle male “Olive”
Pup 8 blue merle male “Indigo”

Q. Where do these puppies live?
A: These pups live in our home in Fillmore, CA.

Q: What if I’m interested in adding one of these Border Collies to my family?
A: To learn more about the breed or to adopt the pups you can visit

Q: Is there a vet to keep an eye on the puppies?
A: There is a local vet keeping an eye on the pups. Should an emergency arise, the pups can easily be transported for immediate service.

Q: Why does mom disappear sometimes?
A: Luna, the mom, will leave the puppies to go to the bathroom and also to get some rest from nursing once the pups are several days old. She will stay with them
almost non-stop (except for potty breaks) for the first few days.

Q: Why does mom seem to lick the puppies’ genital area?
A: Luna will lick the puppies to stimulate them to urinate and defecate.

Q: Why don’t the puppies move? Are they okay?
A: When the puppies are very young they sleep and eat and that’s about it. There isn’t much moving about until they are a few weeks old.

Q: When do they start to eat regular dog food?
A: They will get their first meal of puppy kibble at about 3 weeks. They will continue to nurse from their mother until they are about 6 weeks.

Q: Who is the other dog we can hear barking?
A: There are several other dogs in the room with Luna. You may also hear us talking to Luna and her puppies.

Q: What was that powder stuff in the bowl you fed the momma dog?
A: Luna gets a white calcium paste as a supplement..

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