Skylanders Power Play: Food Fight

Eat This! Check out some of Food Fight’s amazing new powers: “Tomato Launcher”, “Blooms of Doom” and “Super Tomato”. Play Food Fight in Skylanders Trap team to capture evil and unleash good!

Story: Food Fight does more than just play with his food, he battles with it! This tough little Veggie Warrior is the byproduct of a troll food experiment gone wrong. When the Troll Farmers Guild attempted to fertilize their soil with gunpowder, they got more than a super snack – they got an all-out Food Fight! Rising from the ground, he led the neighborhood Garden Patrol to victory. Later, he went on to defend his garden home against a rogue army of gnomes after they attempted to wrap the Asparagus people in bacon! His courage caught the eye of Master Eon, who decided that this was one veggie lover he needed on his side as a valued member of the Skylanders. When it comes to Food Fight, it’s all you can eat for evil!

Skylander Name: Food Fight
Element: Life
Catch Phrase: Eat This!

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