Adam visits the National Space Centre in Leicester!

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We’re visiting the National Space Centre in Leicester!

Adam meets Mike, a space communications presenter, and we see a real Soyuz capsule used for astronaut transportation to the International Space Station, astronaut suits including Tim Peake’s launch suit and Buzz Aldrin’s space pyjamas, and a prop from the movie ‘The Martian.’

We also spy a meteorite and check out a baked bean challenge…

What is the National Space Centre?

The National Space Centre in Leicester is a visitor attraction and educational facility dedicated to space science and astronomy.

It opened in 2001 and has since become a significant landmark in the UK for space exploration enthusiasts and the general public alike.

The centre features interactive exhibits, educational programs, planetarium shows, and a variety of space-related displays. It covers various aspects of space exploration, including the history of spaceflight, current missions, and future endeavours.

The National Space Centre also hosts events, workshops, and lectures aimed at promoting interest and understanding of space science.

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