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The Houses of Parliament are important buildings where important decisions are made in the United Kingdom. There are two houses: the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

They work together to create and pass laws that affect the country and its people.

In this episode of Activity Quest, Bex takes us on a tour of them both!

Joined by Becca from the Parliament Education Team, they embark on an exploration of the iconic landmark, delving into its history and the important work that takes place within its walls.

The tour commences in Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the building dating back nearly 1000 years.

The Hall has previously been a marketplace, courtroom, and is even inspiration for the Great Hall of Hogwarts in Harry Potter!

Bex enters the House of Lords, traditionally associated with wealth and status, which now includes experts from diverse backgrounds, contributing their knowledge to shape legislation.

Finally, Bex and Becca step into the renowned House of Commons…

They discuss the essential roles of Members of Parliament (MPs) in representing constituents, legislating new laws, and scrutinising those in power. Bex marvels at the Speaker’s Chair, donated after World War II, which commands the chamber and determines who gets to speak!

Tours of the Houses of Parliament are available all year round and you can even visit just to see a debate too.

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