Christian O’Connell, MG Leonard and Katherine Woodfine chat Radio Boy, Beetle Boy, and Down the Rabbit Hole on the Fun Kids Book Club podcast this month!

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Every month, there’s a brand new episode of the Fun Kids Book Club podcast, presented by Bex!

Three fab authors join Bex in the Book Club this month…

First up, it’s Christian O’Connell, chatting all about making radio when he was young and how Grandad is getting involved in the second of the ‘Radio Boy‘ books.

Beetle expert and brilliant author MG Leonard is also here, talking all about her book ‘Beetle Boy: Battle of the Beetles‘. She talks about how she used to hate insects (but now loves them) and how incredible they are!

MG Leonard also sneaks in a reading from Beetle Boy: Battle of the Beetles and we round-up the 5 best books to around right now that you need to stick on your reading list!

Finally, author and broadcaster Katherine Woodfine chats book recommendations and her podcast ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’.

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