Dr Janina Ramirez, Nicki Thornton and Steven Butler chat runes, writing, and Rafe’s dog!

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Bex is back with another episode of the Fun Kids Book Club podcast!

That’s a quick digest of all the latest book news and interviews with loads of stars, delivered straight to your phone or tablet.

In this month’s episode, Dr Janina Ramirez comes into the studio to chat to Bex all about her book ‘Riddle of the Runes‘ and her fascination with all things Viking.

Then Nicki Thornton pops by to talk about ‘The Last Chance Hotel‘!

Finally, Steven Butler joins Bex in the studio to tell her all about his book ‘Dog Diaries‘ and what it’s like telling a story from a dog’s perspective!

Plus we have 5 new books to add to your reading list!

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