Brand new book Jamie McFlair Vs The Ultimate Brain Hack is out now!

Watch out because Barry Bigtime is BACK...

Our very own Sean from Fun Kids Breakfast and Luke Franks have written the second book in their Jamie McFlair series. Jamie McFlair Vs The Ultimate Brain Hack is out now!

Welcome to a new adventure starring Jamie McFlair, who so successfully thwarted her nasty uncle’s monstrous plans a few months ago.

Jamie and her friends have just been accepted into Rubbsling’s Academy for Creators. But the school is … weird. Located on a remote island, with strange teachers who give out punishments for NOT having your phone out in class, it all seems geared towards building the students’ social media profiles. Jamie is suspicious – what is really going on at this school?

What she’s about to discover is that Barry Bigtime is BACK … and he has a plan to control EVERY BRAIN ON THE PLANET! Can Jamie rescue her friends and defeat Barry Bigtime once more, or will she become victim to THE ULTIMATE BRAIN HACK?

Get your copy here!

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