Check out the Charlie Bone books by Jenny Nimmo!

Charlie Bone's adventures have been re-released!

Charlie Bone Blue BoaIf you love adventure, mystery and thrills then check this series out!

The Charlie Bone books are back with a brand new look!

If you’ve not heard of Charlie Bone, then let’s get you up to speed…

Charlie Bone is a pretty special 10 year old boy, with some pretty special powers.

When he starts to hear the voices of people in photographs, it quickly transpires that Charlie has some unexpected ancestors.

Charlie is a descendant of an ancient magician called the Red King!

Charlie Bone Wilderness WolfHe soon gets sent to Bloor’s Academy which is full of boys and girls like him who are endowed with special powers.

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Charlie finds himself in all sorts of danger across the 8 books in the series.

There’s a blue boa stalking the halls of Bloor’s Academy, a howling wolf searching his house and a painting that traps Charlie and his pal Billy!

The re-issues of the Charlie Bone books by Jenny Nimmo are out now!






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