Check out Julius Zebra – gladiator superstar!

Prepare for Zebramania!


If you love reading something really funny, check out the Julius Zebra books! We couldn’t put them down!

The first book is called Julius Zebra: Rumble with the Romans! Julius, (definitely not a horse, definitely not called Debra) lives in Africa with his mum, who he doesn’t listen to, and his annoying big brother. One day Julius and his friends get kidnapped by Romans to be gladiators in Rome! Their only way out is to win the love of the crowds, but only the toughest bundlepackshotand meanest of fighters survive! Click here to find out more!

In Julius Zebra: Bundle with the Britons, Emperor Hadrian has one last favour to ask of the gladiator animals before he sets them free. They must travel to the strange and far-off land of Britannia to win over the crowds of his empire. Julius and his friends need all their gladiator skills if they’re going to survive their most wild opponents yet! Click here to find out more!

The Julius Zebra books are exciting, action-packed, hysterically funny and brimming with entertaining Roman facts. Click here to find out more!

Watch the trailer below!

Illustrations © 2016 Gary Northfield