‘Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire’ and ‘The Jungle Vampire’

For younger children

HorridHenryZombieVampireHorrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire

By Francesca Simon

Horrid Henry and the Zombie Vampire is one of four Horrid Henry stories in this special Halloween edition – just to make it stand out even more, there is an eye-catching 3D picture of Horrid Henry on the front cover of the book.

Henry faces a host of challenges in these stories. He needs to discover how to escape having to write a story, avoid eating a healthy meal and see if he can persuade Perfect Peter to give him all his sweets and pocket money.

But the biggest challenge of all comes when Horrid Henry vows revenge against Perfect Peter during an overnight trip to the museum…. This story has everything you’d want for Halloween – haunted rocking chairs, a monstrous creature with four legs, and worst of all, zombie vampire teachers…. Will the children ever make it out of the museum….alive?

Orion – £4.99


For older children

JungleVampireAn Awfully Beastly Business: The Jungle Vampire

By The Beastly Boys

This story of fantastical and hairy creatures at the RSPCB (the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Beasts) is a perfect Halloween read.

It’s time for Ulf the Werewolf to begin his training to become an official RSPB agent – and he can’t wait! His mission is to find a legendary jungle vampire, but someone else is trying to get to the vampire first, the evil Baron Marackai! And where exactly are all these headless bodies coming from…?

This story is knee deep in scary adventures, as well as skeletons, carcasses, a fairy and a vampire. So if you’ve got an itch for adventure this Halloween, why not find out more about the RSPCB (if you dare!)

Published by Simon & Schuster – £5.99


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