Request a song for Bex’s Halloween House Party, Friday 30th October 2020!

Request a song using the form below!

Every Friday from 6pm on Fun Kids, Bex lets you take over the playlist in the Friday Night Party.

It’s an hour of music selected entirely by you and a chance to get a shout-out on the radio!

On Friday, 30th October 2020 Bex is throwing a big Halloween House Party!

It’s basically the same as the Friday Night Party and it’s at the same time but filled with spooky songs that you pick.

If you’ve got a spooky song you want playing – whether it’s Monster Mash or This Is Halloween – we’ll play it!

Let us know what songs you want to hear and who you want to say hello to using the form below and remember to listen from 6pm on Friday, 30th October 2020 to find out what songs we play!

Bex: The Friday Night Party

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