Take on Your Teacher with Sean and Robot from the Fun Kids breakfast show!

You could win prizes for every question your teacher gets wrong!

Are you ready to take on your teacher?

We’re looking for you and your friends to come up with FIVE questions you think your teacher won’t know the answer to.

Do you think you could catch them out?

You could WIN PRIZES for every question they get wrong!

The game is Take On Your Teacher

Each week, one brave class of children take on their teacher to see if they can stump them with tricky questions. 

5 different members of the class gets to ask their teacher five questions. These could be about anything. How much does your teacher know about sport, Disney, Pokémon or sharks?

There’s only one way to find out! If your teacher gets less than half of the questions right each day they have to give the class a reward, like extra break time or a stories. The reward gets bigger the more questions they get right. 

Kids apply to Take on Your Teacher here:

Remember, always ask a grown-up before filling out forms online.

Breakfast: Take On Your Teacher

Teachers apply for Take on Your Teacher here:

Teacher's Form : Take On Your Teacher

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