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Pumpkin Picking: Tips and Picks

20 October 2023 - 31 October 2023

It’s that time of year when you need to find the perfect pumpkin, the one that will become a spooky lantern. Find out how to pick the best pumpkin and see our top picks of places to find them.ย 

How to pick the perfect pumpkin

1. Make sure it’s the right colour!
Perfectly ripe pumpkins should be a bright and deep orange colour.

2. Give it a good knock
Whether you plan to cook or carve, you’ll want to make sure your pumpkin sounds hollow. You can tell by giving it a solid knock when you’re at the pumpkin patch. If it sounds hollow, it’s good to pick and should stay in good shape for 3-10 days after carving. If your pumpkin isn’t ripe yet, picking it too soon can make it not last as long.

3. Test the pumpkin’s skin
A ripe pumpkin will have a pretty hard skin. Try to poke the outer shell with your fingernail. If it doesn’t make a dent or go through, your pumpkin is good to use.

4. No bruises!
Pumpkins can get bumped and bruised, especially if they’ve been dropped. When picking yours, make sure it’s still nice and firm on the outside. If it’s been bumped, it might have soft spots, and that means it could go bad faster.

5.ย Make sure it sits flat
If you’re picking a pumpkin to carve, choose one with a flat base so it can stand upright independently. They’re usually easier to carve!

Top Places To Pick Pumpkins

1. Pumpkin Patch at the Avon Valley Adventure & Wildlife Park Bristol

Visit the website

2. Tulleys Pumpkin Farm, Crawley

Visit the website!

3. Foxes Farm Produce, Basildon

Visit the website

4. Maxeys Farm, Newark

Visit the website

5. Priory Farm, Redhill

Visit the website

6. Windmill Animal Farm, Lancashire

Visit the website

7. Cockfields Farm Park, Greater Manchester

Visit the website

8. Spilmans Pumpkin Festival

Visit the website

9. Pumpkin Moon, Maidstone

Visit the website

10. South Devon Pumpkin Patch

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Remember to enter our Fun Kids Pumpkin Carving competition here!

Happy pumpkin hunting and creating.


20 October 2023
31 October 2023