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Sports Day

8 May 2020

We’re in lockdown. And our sports are suffering.

The current coronavirus pandemic and consequent lockdown has had a
huge impact on everyone, across all regions of the UK, in every aspect of
our lives. We know the risks to our health, and the strain to the economy.

But we’ve forgotten about our local, grassroots sports clubs.

Week in, week out, our local teams clubs give children and adults alike the
space and opportunity to play the sports they love. They are such an
integral part of every community, not only because sport is good for our
health, but also because they provide the social side of belonging to a
team or club, the discipline of training, and the enjoyment of competing.

Help us to #SaveOurSports

The #SaveOurSports campaign is a movement with the aim to raise money
for grassroots sports and teams. The campaign will promote various
fundraising activities to help kids and adults to Keep Active, Raise Money
and #SaveOurSports.

We’re very excited to announce our first fundraising event – National
Sports Day!

Our schools are shut, our kids are at home, and it’s looking like they will miss out on one of the most cherished activities in the school calendar year – Sports Day.

Help us keep this British tradition alive!

We’re challenging kids and parents alike to do the 5×5 challenge.

Together we can help our sports clubs and teams get through this crisis
and still be around at the other side of it, to help more kids and adults
take part in sport in our communities.

Find out more and sign up on our website:



8 May 2020