Jay Baruchel and Dean DeBlois plus author Ann-Marie Howell in the Fun Kids Download podcast!

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There’s loads happening in the Fun Kids Download podcast this week!

The Fun Kids Download is presented by George and new episodes come out every Sunday. There’s also loads of exclusive stuff in there you won’t hear anywhere else.

There are games, jokes, and special features from the week.

This week, we’re hearing from How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World stars Jay Baruchel (Hiccup) and Dean DeBlois!

If you missed Bex’s vlog, check that out below!

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Plus, author of The Garden of Lost Secrets, Ann-Marie Howell, is in the Download too!

She’s the author of a brand new book called The Garden of Lost Secrets!

The book is set in October, 1916.

Clara has been sent to stay with her aunt and uncle while England is at war. But when she reaches their cottage on an enormous country estate, Clara is plunged into a tangle of secrets…

A dark, locked room, a scheming thief, and a mysterious boy who only appears at night!

Clara has a secret of her own too – a terrible one about her brother, fighting in the war.

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