Dan visits the set of Tiny Pop’s brand new show, Yeti Tales, in Paris!

Hear it at 3:30 on October 4th!

Dan was taken to Paris! It’s where they’re making the brand new Yeti Tales show which is on Tiny Pop on your telly.

It’s about a bookstore in France, and when every one has gone home for the day, a Yeti takes over to read his favourite stories to two mice – Leon and Nina.

The book store itself is inside a big warehouse, and they’ve built the set completely, so you can wander around and pick up the books that Yetili will be telling his friends later on.

The Yeti itself is completely life-size. A massive furry thing with long, grey and silver hair.

And the mice are just as cute, two little cheeky balls of energy that scamper all over the bookshop to find new stories for Yetili to tell.

Dan strolled around the whole book shop, checking under the shelves, sitting on the sofas that the mice perch on, and even got to watch an episode being filmed. It’s surprising how quickly you get used to a Yeti reading a book…

Then he got a chance to interview the creator Severine about how she wanted to make a show that showed how amazing and imaginative books can be.

Also, the director Emeric gave some tricks and tips for actually getting a Yeti to do what you want on camera!

You can hear all about Danโ€™s trip to the Yeti Tales set October 4th at 3:30pm!

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