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OMG! So you know we’ve been talking loads about the brand new Bear Grylls books on the radio, right?

Well we asked Bear a load of questions that you wanted to know the answer to. We asked him about the books he’s written, his top camping tips and loads more!

If you didn’t know, Bear’s written a load of new books called Bear Grylls Adventures. He’s the adventurer that’s always on telly!

The very first one is called The Blizzard Challenge and is out now.

The Bear Grylls Adventure books are great and really exciting – are the different scenarios based on your real life experiences?

I’ve been so lucky, or maybe unlucky, to have experienced many of the scenarios for real. From falling through the ice of frozen lakes to being caught in avalanches or falling into crevasses.

They have all taught me the amazing power of nature as well as how careful you have to be in the wild. Much of it comes down also to having the right skills and part of the purpose of these books is to share that knowledge with many young readers.

Whether it is dealing with sharks, crocs or snake bites, or rock falls and being pinned in white water rapids, I have been lucky to survive and hope to share skills that one day might save the reader too.

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What are your top five camping tips?

  1. Choose a location that is safe – think flash floods, rock falls, avalanche, wind direction, wildlife, for example.
  2. Make sure you have proximity to a food & water source.
  3. Make a shelter/put up your tent.
  4. Make a fire to stay warm!
  5. Be prepared ­ before we climb any mountain – real or metaphorical, we need to remember that the hard work is done long before we embark on our journey.

What’s an item that you absolutely love? Has something gone with you everywhere?

I had a really lovely old cloth hat that had been with me on so many expeditions – I lost it in the river Thames returning to our houseboat at high speed in our rib one night.

Click here to find out more about Bear’s books!

On her show, Bex does a load of quick-fire questions… Answer these as fast as you can!

  • Books or Kindle? Books!
  • Heroes or Villain? Heroes!
  • Film adaptation or TV adaptation? TV adaptation!
  • Do you prefer to read or write books? Both!
  • Hogwarts or Narnia? Narnia!
  • Roald Dahl or Jacqueline Wilson? Roald Dahl!
  • Bookshop Visit or School Tour? School tour!

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