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You’ve almost definitely heard of Bear Grylls!

He’s the Chief Scout and is really famous for his daring and dangerous adventures in the great outdoors…

Bear’s climbed Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, he’s led expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic, he’s crossed oceans, and he’s set world records!

Well, now Bear Grylls has written his own book series called Bear Grylls Adventures!

There are already eight books and they’re packed with really cool stories from Bear.

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In the first book, The Blizzard Challenge, Bear teams up with Olly, who’s not having much fun at camp. But one night, a mysterious compass transports Olly onto a glacier where Bear is waiting!

The only way home is to trek across frozen lakes and through deep snow drifts – and Bear can sense there’s danger on the horizon.

Will Olly learn that trying your best can make all the difference or will the challenge be too much for him?

Of course, in the wild you’re stronger together, and Bear’s always nearby to lend a hand!

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