INTERVIEW: Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell reveal all about Daddy’s Home 2!

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It’s more Daddy’s, more problems, as Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell star in the Daddy of all family comedies, Daddy’s Home 2!

Daddy’s Home 2 is available right now on Digital Download, DVD and Blu-ray™!

When father and stepfather Dusty and Brad join forces to make Christmastime perfect for the children, the holiday gets turned upside down!

The co-dad’s fathers suddenly drop in, and after a change of plans, the kids get taken to a luxury resort for a fun-filled getaway that turns into a really chaotic adventure…

Mark Wahlberg (Dusty in Daddy’s Home 2)

What’s new and different this time around in the story?

You already know from watching the first movie that we’re existing as co-dads, we’re taking care of the responsibilities. The kids are happy but once my dad shows up everything gets kind of thrown under the bus and it’s pretty clear that we’re masking our issues not very well. I know right away he’s going to pick us apart.

But again, I think that at the end of the day it’s about people growing and coming together and becoming more of a family. And being there for one another.

How do you like working with your new cast members like Mel and Sandra and John?

It has been great. Sandra was in the first movie but she really had a very small part. We only had like two scenes together.

She’s fantastic and then with Mel, you know we’ve known each other kind of in passing. So to finally get to work with him is fantastic.

John Lithgow, obviously he’s a force a nature and Cena’s really cool. You know he was cool in the first movie and you know I knew he’d be great coming back. It’s such an interesting thing to see kind of Dusty uncomfortable in that situation as well.

This is your 3rd movie with Will. Talk about working with Will Farrell.

I remember I always wanted to do comedy. I would like to be in an environment that’s loose and friendly and Will is a special and unique individual because his comedy really comes from a nice place.

He just enjoys making people laugh but he’s a really sweet, down to earth guy.

What is your favourite, funniest scene and moments during filming?

Working with Mel, doing the whole fight scene when we finally go at it in the hospital is really fun and funny. I think it’s just those moments where it just happens and I just bust out laughing. I can’t really control myself. And there’s been quite a few of them, quite a few.

Overall, what do you think audiences are going to get out of the movie?

I just hope like the first one, people go you know together, experience the movie in a theatre with their families and with other families and go and laugh and cry and leave the theatre in a really good mood.

Will Ferrell (Brad in Daddy’s Home 2)

What is the funniest scene in Daddy’s Home 2?

One of the funnier scenes which on paper is when we all go to live together and share this big mountain cabin for the holidays.

We have a very serious discussion over the thermostat discussion which we find that young little Didi is sneaking out and cranking it al the way to 89 and mark is kind of powerless to stop her. So that scene is hilarious as to how serious we get into our discussion how you don’t mess with the thermostat.

I think the whole movie was really artfully crafted in the sense that it plays as comedy and is kind of outrageous but then it’s somewhat heart-breaking as the information starts to kind of unfold.

Talk about Brad’s funny scenes.

As true to form to the first movie, Brad continues to show his lack of dexterity with machinery.

He gets tangled up with a snow blower which in turn rips an entire string of lights off the house and catapults him about 20 feet into the air. Accidentally, in an effort to to cut down a Christmas tree, he cuts down a cell phone tower. Which they do somehow miraculously get into the middle of their house and decorate it anyway.

Talk about your character, Brad.

Brad has a new baby now. They have Griff who’s a new addition to the family. For the most part though he’s kind of still the same guy that he’s been in the first movie. You know, always trying to do the right thing and I think- loved by his step kids and yet tolerated by them.

What are audiences gonna expect?

I think the reason why the first movie works so well is because outside of animated movies there are very few live-action movies that you can take all ages to during the holidays that still have a sophistication.

While this movie is fun, has great casting, has an interesting take on the story of the first one, and adds to that, there’s also a little more meaning in this one I think.

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