Not You by Keelie Walker is Conor’s Next Big Thing! Plus hear them chat!

Hear her song every day at 7:30pm and hear Conor chat to Keelie below!

Every week on Fun Kids, Conor picks a tune to crown as his Next Big Thing!

It’s always a song that gets him up, dancing around the studio, and one that he thinks will be huge this year.

This week he’s gone for Not You by Keelie Walker.

Pop newcomer Keelie Walker is currently working on her debut Album with Grammy Nominated Producer/Songwriter Bryan Todd.

Keelie’s currently busy touring with Westlife but managed to find time to release this tune, Not You!

Hear Not You every day at 7:30pm this week!

Plus, on Tuesday 28th May 2019, Conor’s spoke to Keelie! He gave her a ring to tell her the news!

Listen below!

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