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Bobby, Chloe and Elisha have been given a school project all about money!

They are going to write a pop song full of top money tips, but first they need to learn a thing or two…

Do you ever run out of phone credit super quick?

It’s easily done – it’s like you’re spending your money without even realising it half the time.

If you had to take a pound out of my piggy bank every hour, you’d have realised you were using my money up too quickly.

But phone credits… well… they’re all done digitally. It’s sometimes hard to know how much you’re spending when money’s not in front of you!

chloesongnewKeeping track of mobile phone credit can be pretty easy.

In fact, it’s a piece of cake!  You can find out from the top up card how many minutes you get for your money and – well keep a note of how many calls you’ve made.  Most phones even have a setting where you can track it – as well as showing you how much internet data you’ve got left.

Mobile phone top-ups are a bit like topping up your credit if you’re playing games online. Y’know, when you have an internet bank account or maybe your parents pay for some tokens…

elishasongnewYeah – and you DEFINITELY need to keep an eye on them – it’s so easy to use them up, especially if there’s some cool new armour or mods to buy.

You can budget and save your digital money or credits in just the same way as you manage the money you hold in your hand.

It’s probably even more important because they’re so easy to spend!

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More From Money Matters