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Bobby, Chloe and Elisha have been given a school project all about money!

They are going to write a pop song full of top money tips, but first they need to learn a thing or two…

How do you keep money safe?

Keeping it safe could be as simple as using a purse or wallet when you’re out and about.

Or a piggy bank at home when you don’t need it straight away.

Or put it into a savings account. If you know where it is, you can find it when you need it. PLUS you don’t earn interest on your money when it’s in a piggy bank!

If you get any cheques for your birthday, don’t leave them lying around – it’s super easy for them to get lost in piles of paper.

They also have an expiry date which means if you try to pay them in after a certain period of time, you might not be able to get the money into your account.

Safety is even more important when you’re moving money around online. 

You should never give out personal information to anyone when you’re on the internet – and never EVER tell anyone your security details.  If a website ever asks for information, then you should have a grown-up there with you to check. 

elishanewPeople can steal the information and use it to pretend to be you, the same goes for your bank account details and passwords.

These details can be stolen so never give out bank account numbers or passwords,– unless you want someone you don’t know to spend all your money.

There are some well dodgy scammers out there who try all sorts of things to trick you into giving out that information.  You know – those fake emails and pop-up windows saying like OMG YOU HAVE TO GIVE THESE DETAILS NOW OR YOU CAN’T PLAY THE GAME ANY MORE.

But sometimes you do need to buy more credit – how do you know when it’s a real request and when it’s fake?

Well, it’s just gonna be best to get a parent to check each time – better safe than sorry.  It only takes a minute and it’s easy to do.

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