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Communicating With Each Other

How can we use technology to communicate with people all over the world?

Imagine a future where technology could help create a more equal world. Imagine a school where you could learn alongside children from every country you can think of.  

Well that’s what World School is all about.

In this episode of Techno Mum’s World School, Techno Mum and Sam are finding out how everyone can communicate with each other – wherever they live.

We also look at how access to technology and the internet can have a big impact on education and communication in the modern world.

How technology means we can go to school from anywhere in the world

person using white tablet computer

Video lessons mean that students can be in Manchester or Mumbai and still have access to the same education. Lots of this technology improved in lockdown with students from Primary School to University completing their lessons virtually.

Access to technology

What do you think are some of the problems people might have with online school?

One problem is that not everyone in the world is lucky enough to have mobile phones, computers or internet access.

It’s a serious problem. Without easy and affordable ways to communicate, it’s not only hard to stay in touch with families and access things like schoolwork, but it can be impossible to do online shopping, or access medical, professional and government services. Places that can’t connect to the rest of the world won’t thrive as much as those with large mobile networks and fast internet.

Internet access in the Australian Outback

aerial view of brown field under blue sky during daytime

Out in the Australian outback, there are huge challenges to help people in remote areas communicate with the rest of the country, let alone the rest of the world. Being able to communicate easily is also important for safety.

When there are emergencies like bushfires, floods, cyclones or even road accidents, reliable mobile coverage allows for faster responses and better access to updates and safety information.

So having no ways to communicate, could even be dangerous!

To make a sustainable world we need to work to ensure everyone has the same opportunities and help economies to grow. 

In areas where mobile technology and the internet is unavailable or poor quality, people can use radio and satellite to communicate.

In many places, high frequency radio and satellite phones can be used.

Two way CB Radios can help people communicate cheaply and easily with each other by tuning into a particular frequency.

black and silver radio on brown wooden table

Satellite phones are a great way to connect calls and texts with other points across the world – although you might have to wait for a satellite to be available. They can also be slow and quite expensive.

Unfortunately radio can’t be used for downloading things or playing games. Luckily technology is always improving. There is a new technology called High-Altitude Platform Stations. These are objects like balloons that fly 20 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. It’s technology that’s already being trialled by Google amongst others.

How do you use technology to communicate?

Have you used video calling, texting or email? Then you’ve communicated through technology.

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Ever wondered how things work? Ask Techno Mum!

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