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What are black holes and how are they formed?

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Black holes are incredibly and unbelievably fascinating! In fact, they’re one of the strangest things in the universe. 

Here’s Sagittarius A.

That’s a black hole believed to be in the centre of the Milky Way. We can’t say for sure that it’s there because black holes swallow light, making them invisible.

Scientists get clues from the behaviour of stars and other matter nearby to guess whether a black hole exists or not.

When a really enormous star dies, all of its matter gets sucked inwards, until everything is inside a tiny dot and this dot has so much gravity that it pulls any and everything nearby inside.

Whilst we’ve never sent someone to look at a black-hole up close – that’s far too dangerous – there is a safe distance you could get to.

That’s called the Event Horizon – that’s the edge of the Black Hole.

If you were ever unlucky enough to be sucked into a black hole, it’s believed that you would be stretched into a long thin thread in a process called spaghettification!

That’s before being crushed into a tiny speck with all the other matter…

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Galaxy Gala

Take a look at planets, galaxies, nebulas and loads more!

More From Galaxy Gala