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We pit animal against human in Extreme Athletes!

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Extreme Athletes – the Patas Monkey

It is also known as the Military Monkey, the Hussar Monkey and the Red Guenon

The Patas Monkey is a medium to large sized species of Old World Monkey that is found inhabiting the open grasslands of Central Africa.

The Patas Monkey is found in areas with little cover and simply runs away if threatened. Their long back legs are so powerful that they are able to reach speeds of up to 35mph making them the fastest primates in the world.

They have long and slimly built body covered in shaggy fur, which is white in colour on the underside and red on the back. Their long and powerful limbs are also white while their face is dark with a white moustache and beard, and a red cap with a heavy brow ridge that protects their eyes.

They also have a distinctive black line that runs from the face up to the ear. the fact that Patas Monkeys are found in more open areas, they have not been as affected by deforestation in the same way as many other primates.

Although male and female Patas Monkeys do look remarkably similar, the males tend to be larger in size and have a slight bump that protrudes from their head. Their lengthy limbs, hands and feet coupled with their short fingers and toes make them very adept at running at fast speeds across the open plains.

Top facts

  • These primates are omnivores
  • They live from 12 to 20 years and weigh between 9lbs and 28lbs
  • Fruit, insects and eggs are their main source of food. They become food for leopards, hyenas and lions!
  • Their most distinctive feature is their red back and white moustache and beard
  • The fastest species of primate in the world!

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Extreme Athletes

We pit animal against human in Extreme Athletes!

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