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Fun Kids Guide to… Lights!

On this page we’re going to be looking at… lights!

Lights help drivers in two really important ways – they help drivers to see what’s on the road and they help cars to be seen by other drivers too.

Lights are your Eyes!

car-lightsImagine what it would be like if everyone walked around town with their eyes closed, you’d probably bump into other people! That’s a bit like what it would be if cars didn’t use their lights at night or in bad weather and why we have to make sure car lights are working properly.

And it’s good to make sure the lights are nice and clean too – even if the bulbs are working, if the lights are covered in mud, no one will see them.

Testing is Easy!

There’s no excuse for car lights not to work, since it’s so easy to know whether they are working or not, you can even help your mum or dad to check the lights.

headlightsAll you need to do is stand outside the vehicle while your mum or dad switches on and off all the different lights.  They just need to say which light they are operating and you can shout back if it’s working properly or not.

Remember to check all of them!  As well as the headlights, indicator lights and full beam, you’ll also need to check the brake lights and reversing lights at the back of the car.

Look behind you!

If the driver is by themselves, don’t worry – checking your lights can be just as straightforward.

The best way to check the lights is to position a car near a wall or garage door so that when the lights are switched on, you can see the lights’ reflection behind you.

Remember to check all of them though, including the ones at the back!

Did you know?

Here’s a great car fact.   Did you know at over 90% of the car owners admit to singing while they are driving? That’s especially true when listening to Fun Kids!

Time for a Car Joke!

How did the bubble gum cross the road?

It was stuck to the chicken’s foot!

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Guide to Cars

Read all about the Fun Kids Guide to Cars

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