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Fun Kids Guide to… Tyres!

On this page we're going to be looking at... tyres!

tyresTyres are the black rubbery things on the wheels, and without them it would be a very bumpy ride!

They make journeys more comfortable, stop wheels being damaged by the hard road surfaces and stop you from bouncing all over the place as you go along!

What are tyres made of?

Tyres are made mainly from rubber, a natural material that is pretty strong but also flexible – play with the rubber in your pencil case to see!

A tyre is made up of tread and a body.Β  The tread is the pattern made of groves which provides traction, like the groves on the bottom your trainers – this helps cars move across surfaces without slipping or skidding.Β  The body is the thicker part which provides support for the wheel.

Look out for worn tyres! Some great advice from the educational folks at, whether you are a pro or a novice these fella’s have something for everyone.

worn-tyresTyres have to be checked regularly because just like your pencil eraser they get worn down over time, and if the tread is worn down and the grooves aren’t as deep as they should be, it’ll be harder to stop the car quickly and will massively reduce grip on the road – especially unhelpful in rainy or snowy conditions!

Don’t let you tyres go flat!

flat-tire-770803Tyres are pumped full of air and they need to have the air topped up regularly – flat tyres can be slippery and make your car work harder, meaning they use more petrol.

Your parents might check the tyre pressure and top up the air at petrol stations or they may have a tyre gauge and foot pump at home.

Did you know?

Cars may be pretty quick today, but this hasn’t always been the case. In fact, in 1898 the New York City Police Department actually used bicycles instead to pursue speeding motorists!

Time for a Car Joke!

What part of a car is the laziest?

The wheels. They are always tired!.

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