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Fun Kids Guide to… Windscreen Wipers!

On this page we're going to be looking at... windscreen wipers!

windscreen-wipersThey may seem pretty small compared to the rest of the car, but windscreen wipers are important not just on your car, but also on trains, planes and ships.

They remove rain and debris from windscreens so that the driver (or pilot) can see where they’re going.

How do they work?

A wiper often looks like a thin robotic arm waving! The arm is attached at one end to a pivot, which moves backwards and forwards .

Attached to the arm is a long rubber blade – this brushes across the screen as it moves, pushing water, dirt and dead insects from the glass.

Keep an eye on your wipers

windscreenAs windscreen wipers get used often – especially over the winter – they need regular care to make sure they can do their job properly.

Otherwise they can end up damaging the windscreen, scraping old debris across the glass and not clearing water away properly.

You should check the condition of wipers regularly and it might be something you can help your parents to do by gently lifting them up and having a look.

dirty-wiperIf there is dirt and grit on them, you can clean them by wiping the blades with a cloth. If they are ripped or look distorted, then it’s best to replace them, especially if the weather or road conditions look nasty.

Did you know?

Cars and radios have had a long and happy relationship. Did you know that the first car radio was invented all the way back in 1929?

Time for a Car Joke!

Which snakes are found on cars?

Windscreen vipers!

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