Sean’s built Polish letters ‘CZ’ words in Minecraft for Robot!

See which Polish words use the letters 'CZ'!

Robot from the Fun Kids Breakfast Show has got himself a new pal – Korneliusz Kog from Poland – the trouble is Robot doesn’t know any Polish words!

Robot’s downloaded a Polish language pack so he can talk to his friend and Sean’s said that if he learns the words, he’ll help him remember them by building them in Minecraft!

Something really cool about Poland is its animals! Whilst many people in Poland have pets like cats and dogs – travel out into the countryside and things get a lot more wild!

Poland’s forests and mountains are home to a wealth of animals, such as wolves, bison and even wild lynxes. Glacial sand dunes have created wildernesses where these animals live undisturbed by humans. Polish people value their wildlife very highly – so much so that motorways have tunnels underneath to help animals cross them safely.

So now let’s get talking! Today we’re checking out two letters which go together… CZ!

C and Z are found together in lots of Polish words – it’s not a combination you see in English words so it might look a little strange but it makes a very familiar sound – CH!

Now that combination is found in all sorts of words – here’s just a few. It comes at the start of the word for hat. That word is czapkahat [CHAP-Car] – why not give it a try?

It also comes at the start of the word for chocolate – that’s czekolada [CHECK-o-LARDER]. And the word for skullczaszka [CHASH-Car]

You’ll also find it in the end of some words – like the word for key. That’s klucz [kl-OACH].

And it’s at the end of the word for sword too – that word is miecz [mi-ETCH]. That’s a great word for Minecraft!

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