Sean’s built Polish letter ‘J’ words in Minecraft for Robot!

See which Polish words use the letter 'J'!

Robot from the Fun Kids Breakfast Show has got himself a new pal – Korneliusz Kog from Poland – the trouble is Robot doesn’t know any Polish words!

Robot’s downloaded a Polish language pack so he can talk to his friend and Sean’s said that if he learns the words, he’ll help him remember them by building them in Minecraft!

Just like in this country children attend nurseries when they are very small before primary school starts at age 7. That’s a little later than here in the UK. Primary school carries on til the age of 13 – that’s two years longer than here.

The high school or secondary school that comes next is divided into two – from 13-16 is the gimnazjum, lasting three years and then the final school children attend is from 16 to 19 – the szkola srednia

Another big difference is that English is learned by many children – from the age of 6 or 7.

So now let’s get talking! This time, we’re checking out another letter which looks like an English letter – but sounds a bit different… J [Y]

This letter looks like a “JAY” but it’s not pronounced YUH”

It appears in many Polish words – sometimes at the start – like in the word for egg – that’s jajko [YAI-ko].

It’s also at the start of two animal words – deer and hedgehog. A deer is jeleń [YELL-en] and hedgehog is jeż [YEZH].

And a season when you might find those two animals is autumn – that’s another word starting with YUH. Autumn is jesień [YESH-YENG].

And one last word starting with YUH is the word for tongue. That’s język [Yeng-zhuck].


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