Sean’s built Polish letter ‘ł’ words in Minecraft for Robot!

See which Polish words use the letter 'ł'!

Robot from the Fun Kids Breakfast Show has got himself a new pal – Korneliusz Kog from Poland – the trouble is Robot doesn’t know any Polish words!

Robot’s downloaded a Polish language pack so he can talk to his friend and Sean’s said that if he learns the words, he’ll help him remember them by building them in Minecraft!

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So now let’s get talking! Today we’re checking out a letter which you won’t find in the English alphabet at all… ł

Now it may sound like a double-you but this letter looks like a small letter “L” with a diagonal line through the centre. The sound it makes is W.

It crops up in all sorts of polish words – sometimes at the start, like in the word for meadow. Meadow is łąka [WONKA]

Another word that starts with this letter is the word for paw – it’s łapa [WAPA]

Something else beginning with this sound is the word for benchławka [WAVKA] That’s a great word for Minecraft.

And the word for arch is another W sound – it’s łuk [WOK] That’s a bit more tricky to build.

A word which ends with the W sound is the word for hammermłot [MWOT]

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