Sean’s built Polish letters ‘DZI’ words in Minecraft for Robot!

See which Polish words use the letters 'DZI'!

Robot from the Fun Kids Breakfast Show has got himself a new pal – Korneliusz Kog from Poland – the trouble is Robot doesn’t know any Polish words!

Robot’s downloaded a Polish language pack so he can talk to his friend and Sean’s said that if he learns the words, he’ll help him remember them by building them in Minecraft!

Let’s start off by learning about Polish families.

Polish children call their mother – mama – so that’s easy to remember. Dad is a nice easy one too – it’s Tata. If you have a brother who gets on your nerves you’ll be happy to know that the word for brother is brat! Yes, it’s BRAT!

Sister is Siostra – another word which isn’t so different to the English!

Family time is very special in Poland and everyone will get together for holidays and celebrations such as Christmas and Easter. Grannies and Granddads frequently live close to their families or even in the same house. And if you get invited to a Polish wedding chances are you will be staying up late – parties can go on all night!

So, let’s get talking! Today we’re checking out three letters which go together… DZI.

This sound group is made up of the letters D Z and I. It isn’t a combination you see in English words so it might look a little strange. D Z and I together made the sound [DJ] – why not give it a try?

Now that combination is found in all sorts of words – here’s just a few. It comes at the start of many words – like the word for children. Dzieci [JITCHY].

Or as we’ve been talking about families, what about the word for Grandfather – that’s dziadek [JYADECK]

Now an animal you’ll find in some Polish forests starts with this sound combination – it’s a boar and the word for boar in Polish is dzik [JEEK]

In the past, you’d have found boar meat in many tasty stews – but to catch one you might have needed a dzida [JEEDA] – that’s a spear! Sounds like something you’d do in Minecraft!

And one last word with the DJ sound – dziob [JOB] – and it’s another one relating to animals. This time birds – it’s the word for beak! Chickens in Minecraft have square beaks.

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