Episode 5: The Backing Barkers

It's Nancy and the Meerkats!

Nancy-5Hey, it’s Nancy here from soon-to-be world famous pop group Nancy and the Meerkats!

After we hit the studio this morning we had a bit of a chill out in a burger bar where our manager Big Joe had some ideas on how to improve our track.

I assumed he wanted to hear more of me and less of the meerkats, but he wanted to get in some session musicians to play on the track.

There was no way I was changing the name of the band to “Nancy and The Meerkats and a load of other people who we don’t even know”!

But Joe said it won’t change a thing and invited a session band into the studio called “The Backing Barkers”.

I was coming round to the idea until I recognised one of them. He’d worked with the nasty Kitty Perry! I. WAS. FURIOUS!

Know-it-all Joe had an answer of course. Apparently session musicians work for lots of different bands.

Me and the meerkats still weren’t happy though! We’d worked so hard on this track we didn’t fancy any of the Backing Barkers stealing our music.

But thanks to Big Joe’s intellectual property smarts, it turns out we’re pretty safe. We own the copyright to the words, the music and the melody – and the recordings we make.

The smarty pants had also worked out a contract with the Backing Barkers that said exactly how much they’d get paid.

Turns out the track did sound pretty good with the Backing Barkers after all. I guess.

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