Episode 6: The Record Deal

It's Nancy and the Meerkats!

Hey, it’s Nancy here from soon-to-be world famous pop group Nancy and the Meerkats!

So we finished our single today! And then guess what happened? Big Joe came and reminded us how much more work we’ve still got to do!

Now the single’s done we need to make CDs, sell loads and become more famous than Kitty Perry!

Me being the genius I am realised that it’ll cost loads to get all the CDs made up so Joe suggested we get a record deal. That’s where a record company makes and sends out all the CDs. They also promote the band, produce the music videos and arrange tours – all things that cost a lot of money.

Joe said in return, a band agrees a way of paying – sometimes the record company can have the copyright to the recordings or take a share of the money from all the sales. It’s called a deal because both sides get something out of it.

Well that’s the theory! But when Joe got in touch with all the record labels he couldn’t get us a deal!

Nancy-6It was only when I was downloading some Justin Beaver songs from Chewy Tunes that Big Joe said we could self publish and make our single available online!

Digital publishing is where you upload your tunes on the internet for people to download themselves. No CDs needed – and no vans to take them to all the record shops.

Even self publishing isn’t plain sailing though. I thought we’d get all the money but you often have to pay a share of the money you receive from each sale to the website owner, but it’s certainly a lot quicker and cheaper to get the ball rolling.

Another thing is that we won’t be able to get a big shiny video. But Joe’s a bit of an internet whizz and said it’s full of ways to promote Nancy and the Meerkats. You can upload videos and perform an online concert! And social networking sites can be used to tell people all about what you’re up to.


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