Nancy’s UK Tour Journal: Cornish Pasties


Nancy-1Bonjour! It’s Nancy here – from the soon-to-be world famous pop group Nancy and the Meerkats!

After our first record “Put Your Paws Up” became a massive hit, we’re off on a huge tour of the UK!

We haven’t quite made it to stadium status yet – some of the venues are more Weeny than Wembley – but I’m going to be letting you know what’s been going on each day in my journal for Fun Kids!

We’re down in Cornwall at the moment for the next stage of our huge tour! It’s a lovely day and we’ve been making time for a paddle in the sea and a picnic on the beach before tonight’s gig!

While the band were drying off, I popped to the shop to get everyone some yummy Cornish pasties! Delicious!

I’ve had Cornish pasties before om the bakers back at home but the ones down here are extra tasty! Big Joe says it’s because only pasties that are prepared here in Cornwall can use the name Cornish pasties.

I thought that was because the name was protected, like how no one else can call themselves Nancy and the Meerkats, but apparently it’s to more to do with the place.

For a pasty to be called a Cornish pasty, it has to actually made in Cornwall – and even then there’s some pretty tough rules on what they look like and what goes in them too!

According to Big Joe, a Cornish pasty should be shaped like a ‘D’ and crimped on one side, not on the top – and its ingredients should include uncooked beef, swede potato and onion, with a light seasoning of salt and pepper!

Well, I thought our fans would love them as much as I did so we went back to the shop and bought enough to hand out at tonight’s show!

It seemed a great idea but later at the sound check Big Joe had some terrible news – someone had told the local council that all the pasties we got from the bakers were all past their sell by date and so they came and confiscated the lot!

I could bet it’s the work of that filthy feline Kitty Perry! She’s determined to ruin our plans!

And our fans will be so disappointed – we’d promised pasties all round!

Big Joe suggested we hand out my bacon and jam butty creation instead (the one that set the tour bus curtains on fire when we were in Edinburgh) but this time leave the cooking to the experts!

My special secret recipe will really set their taste buds on fire – but only their tastebuds this time, we’ve not got enough fire extinguishers for anything else to go up in flames!

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