Nancy’s Journal: Logo-ing Mad

Creating a logo


Nancy-1Hey, it’s Nancy here from soon-to-be world famous pop group Nancy and the Meerkats!

Today we had a break from working on our tracks as our manager Big Joe wanted to work out a logo.

I misheard and though he meant pogo stick. Turns out  a logo is a sign. It helps people to identify the stuff that comes from a particular company or organisation. Boring eh?

I thought so, but Joe said if you don’t have a logo we won’t have anything to put on all the cool T-Shirts, and lunch boxes and mugs and pencil cases!

Logos are very helpful in making sure people remember Nancy and the Meerkats. And if they’re more likely to remember us, then they’re less likely to remember other bands like Kitty Perry and her thieving Little Minxes!

So we sat down and had a go at drawing our shiny new logo. Logos can be just words, just symbols or a mixture! I got a bit distracted though and just drew a massive portrait of Justin Beaver – he’s lovely.

Joe ended up picking one of the logos the meerkats designed and registered it as a trade mark straight away. Trade marks can be in the form of words – like a band name – or an image.

Registering means that Big Joe can record all sorts of details about the name and logo, and he made sure nothing is left out.

There’s no way Kitty Perry will get her claws on this now!

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